Time to Wine

Time to Wine

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Sunday-Monday      Closed

Tuesday- Saturday   9AM to 5 PM

Evenings by appointment only

Blackberry Cabernet

Cabernet's natural rich black fruit character enhanced by the zing of fresh ripe blackberries.

Black Raspberry Merlot

The trendy Merlot fruit forward style accented by luscious black raspberries

*NEW Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris

Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris is flavored with coconut water and has a tropical splash of Yuzu and hint of lime. Not familiar with Yuzu? Yuzu [pronounced YOO-zoo] is a Japanese citrus fruit which is about the size of a tangerine. It's being hailed as the next superfruit and is being used to flavor everything from beer to chewing gum. It tastes like a cross between a lemon, mandarin and grapefruit and it's sourness and acidity plays well against the coconut notes and sweetness of Island Mist.

Cranberry Malbec

Exquisitely tart and refreshing, cranberries are perfect foil for the rich power of Malbec's deep fruitiness

*NEW Cucumber Melon Sauvignon Blanc

Easy drinking for those long summer nights. The aroma is fresh and fragrant like your favorite Sauvignon Blanc. Light and fruity, the sweet notes of the melon are the perfect complement to the clean crisp cucumber.

Exotic Fruits White Zinfandel

A fabulous blend of passion-fruit and fresh ripe berries with the natural fruit forward style of White Zinfandel makes this wine truly exciting.

Strawberry Watermelon White Shiraz

Light pink color; candied strawberry and watermelon aromas; light body, medium sweet flavor of refreshing strawberry and watermelon.

Peach Apricot Chardonnay

The dry, ripe character of Chardonnay made refreshing by the addition of fresh picked peaches and apricots.

Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio

Juicy sweet pears, succulent, ripe pineapple, a bright and flowery fragrance elevates this Pinot Grigio to mouth watering perfection.

Strawberry White Merlot

The delicate red berry notes of a White Merlot enhanced by ripe strawberries to make a refreshing easy drinking wine.

White Cranberry Pinot Gris

Bursting with sweetness that has made white cranberry a unique and popular flavor in juice, and now Winexpert brings the flavor to you as part of our refreshing line of Island Mist varieties. This wine is very easy to drink and perfect backyard barbeques and sharing with friends.

Wildberry Shiraz

Juicy, fruit forward flavors of Shiraz and wild field berried dance on the palette.

Raspberry Peach Sangria

Sweet, ripe raspberries mix with juicy peach undertones for the perfect summer sangria-fruity, refreshing, and easy drinking

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